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How Many Cals In A Small Fried Rice Curry Sauce

Banana bapple

Boa i bin scho so faul. heit is scho wieda sonntag.

Na oisdann, letze wochn hobi scho gschriem dass ma aussghaut wordn san. jo do samma eben in so a hotel gfoan "Embassy Suites". Des woa scho recht klass. Es hod mi a bissi an an magic life club erinnert. in da mitten woa praktisch da "Hof" do woan ganz vü pflanzen, a papagei und büddet mit tische und so, ajo und a klane brucken mit am klan becken wo scho hunderttausend münzen drin woan. Genau und rundherum woan acht stockwerke mit zimmer und do hod ma obi schaun kina. wir woan im 7. stock und unsa zimmer woa di nummer 723. Do woa the front of a couch, a television, a sink and a refrigerator and a microwave Klana. woa it right then bad beds and in the rear part 2 and a TV set. and ma hod at all handsome outlook on Tue zuabetonierte and ghobt built landscape. a dream. :) Gfoan

Later samma hom us to the movies and "The Green Hornet" angschaut. woa the very funny oba ned outstanding. then samma wieda Something Going gfoan hom a weng gfernset and then gschlofn.
Ajo and cinema woa then A vending machine, the ma knows from Toy Story. Tues Thurs Woan clans inside the green beasts that are hom "THE CLAW" adored "The claw is our master, the claw determines who goes and who stays!" Accurate and as a drum, and do a very woa Thurs Woan material in there recently of "I simply incorrigible." And since Sean is right on the Guad clutching and hod ma to Minion. Jez hobi to Minion.

Homma On Saturday at the buffet gfrühstückt below, and then gfoan samma into children's museum, do woama ned the only ones with the idea. It is just the largest children's museum in the world. outside, and do san überoi huge dinosaurs and looks like this would ois inebrechen Tues olle. I raised my camera Leida forgotten in the hotel, so hobi kane own photos.

Just Thurs Homma our department's science angschaut Thurs GEBN HODS slip case, and a Healthy House and big thing that water pumps often on playgrounds is in the sandbox, where it formed a giant sand slack wax mess. Thurs woama a Timel with the other children that olle umngefähr hoib Sun oid as we Woan. ; D

woama Then in a third less spectacular bissi stock down. Thurs woa einglich nothing particularly because some two stories high exhibitions san, because of the woa ka Thurs space for nothing.

On 2nd stock woa then ........ BARBIE THE EXHIBITION!

life size barbies uiuiuiuiuiuiuiui

Thurs Woan as Sean and since Kevin rather ned so excited that hom gwoatet the polar bear. samma then out into the dinosaur exhibition. Thurs Woan very vii dinos UNSO. the hod Wed wieda ned so interested, so we practiced and justice woa san wieda gfoan ham. Thurs Homma ghost busters angschaut, oba only partly.

because gfoan samma then to Dave & Busters.

woa where he wos going on. We are looking for hom to a table angmödt so ma wos ESSN kinan. the woa after 2 Stunkel freely. and we griagt hom soiche koatn where ma practical electronic chips gspeichert hod, and on di ma then play MUAs duachziagn the map. ned at the beginning hobi gwusst Wosien mochn soit. Thurs bini nu a weng herumgurkt aimlessly. then tried hobi moi with such automatic claw on it checks SoWoS of the way:

Only for D & B woa about 4 moi greater. Woan balls, and do bear with wench and peripheral wall of irgendam football team and large colorful kites the ausschaun like cows because of a hobi gsogt "I want the purple cow!" As sean MUAs imma olle repair, then why hobi gsogt imma zfleiß cow. ha-ha
Ajo claw machine, where jez ma hom clarified as the looks goes weita. Thurs Woan with a smaller Schuck and i tried this i so picked a clock aussgriag. The problem with the machines is that the chance that wos ma caught, depending on the automatic is around 1-25%. san deppad the Sun. zumbeispü woa automatically at so great a duck, and 4 conductive homs ghobt oba scho If the helix is present and then auffifoat jerky ima thus stoak that every Tues duck wieda obigfoin is. Klumpert of the!

Jo i am then amoi Need for Speed gfoan am stupid in the area around grennt and then raised Seanund Kevin with so finding it in the quiz thing, since Kevin obgramt hod voi, the ghobt what ois einfoch, the hom scho cup full of tickets to the most machines on di ma griagt ma and then shop for fun prices can trade. :) I'm so then most of the singing is so rad considered a big one, and do San fields upon it so DO is 60 tickets, 100, 150, 40, and there are 2 areas where ma 500 ma 1000 can find a gwinner. I picked Thurs amoi a faithful replica of the original 500 field gmocht:

As you can see is the Wahrscheindlichkeit the MA 500 gwinnt low. Oba i am einfoch Sun guad that i try the same with the first 500 gwunna hod, hod of a bissi then takes up 500 tickets olle prints hod haufn, the woa scho a gscheida. : D

Then HODS ma eh scho daugter oba i ned it Woit happiness challenge, so hobi wos ondas gmocht, gworfen basketball baskets, do woa i goa ned bad Sun in so where the automatic ma 3 moi same symbol it hbn MUAs and stop at the right moment. Thurs woa i badly realtiv, wos i then gmocht nu ois wasi nimma raised as accurate, sometime after ana eternity woa finally unsa table free Thurs hobi Sun forget to Solot and NEBn us at the table woa anscheindend a party with hairdressers because Tues olle total oage hairstyles ghobt gmocht hom

Then hamma weita. I picked Sean mim House of the Dead gspüt and slaughtered voi zombies. Then, Homma wied amoi vorbeigschaut the claw. Mei purple cow woa nu imma do, we homs aussagriagt oba ned. (
then addressed samma moi to the shop and ham us angschaut Thurs wos there so i lifted the giant pen Gseng i Woit necessarily hom, oba i picked nu gwoat because otherwise I'd hang around the miassn trogn
I picked nu moi tried at the Drehraddings and:.. lo and behold another 500 gwuna dan hobi gwusst, a when san all good things come in threes, i soit spün ned numoi then, awesome finally wieda einglöst tickets and i picked ma to Flauschi dog and the redeemed pen. Woit Since sean at hom ferngsteuerten zwutschkihubschrauber Thurs Tues tickets oba nimma greicht. Why i samma numoi losgstartet raised numoi bein big gspüt oba rad as expected nimma 500 gwuna, then with so little machine at the right moment where ma draufhaun MUAs hobi three consecutive 125 tickets gwuna moi. kevin da hod wieda the quiz and then obgramt hamma in his helicopter sean buys and olle Woan happy. Des is mei Eiso yield.

Then woas eh scho hoib 12 and we san hom zruckgfoan us nu iwos angschaut on TV and then gschlofn hobi.

Sunday samma in zoo gfoan of Indianapolis. The woa 2 / 3 zua. Des haßt wir ham nur die Fische  und Meeresviecher gseng und es Wüstenhaus. Ajo und Bären. und Robben. 

Diesmoi hob i sogoa mei kamera mitghobt:
des san die robben
der fast ausgestorbene  Homo sapiens blubber
der grausige aal von supermario 64
die elena traut si sogoa angreifen. des is sogoa erlaubt, ma derf nur ned grapschen und nix einischmeissn
Since Chillbär, not to be confused mim polar bear!
A lizard
The side Velcro meerkats
A terribly gruesome snake a same foot aufgrissen hod it, only to find out because i turn camera zspät.
Since Rutschbär love slips around like on ice. oba da jo woa scho assigned name polar bear.

Des woa very nice there. The sun gscheint hod, zugsperrt woa ois. Therefore hobi A di dragon ned Gseng. Komodo dragon.
Finally woama nu in Gift Shop. Thurs Homma nu a weng herumgschaut and then hamgfoan samma.

Daham hod as Sean tried his helicopter and is the same amoi amok gflogn, ind i ind cat couch and wall. In the end then eh hodan vagessn daham. :)

Jo woa it the weekend. Des woa jo shco quite spectacular. And that's why i jez nu wos read on monday in da shui woa and then her and i read in rest tomorrow oda Sun

Eiso Monday. Thurs woa ned vii going on in history Homma us a follow angschaut Band of Brothers, the is a series about the Yanks in the 2nd World War II. unsa follow woa had grod in russia Woan and a city angriffn hom Thurs hamma miassn then answer questions as Klan. ois-house exercise to tuesday.

Wos nu? in electronic music hobi all stood gspüt only because eh nothing to doa woa. woa da tog otherwise fairly unspectacular, but it ghaßn hod that horse collar on tuesday a blizzard and that ma may wait to schneetog hom Eiso and hope ..

Will there be a snow storm? We will all die, and ground covered with snow? Turn it on again next week and see the exciting resolution in

Global Warming vs. Zionsville


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